How does it look now?

It’s few days after the last post I’ve left here. Through that time I didn’t have even few minutes for myself. Why? Job interviews and other things connected with it takes more time then regular job. And also all the people around You, who thinks that when You’re not working regulary You have a lot of free time. But it’s not true! While having normal job You’re working for 8 hours, and not even a minute more (ok, sometimes You have to work more), then without it… You’re working nearly whole day!

Ok, but I’ll tell You how those interviews went. Well… it wasn’t fun. Most of guys which I was talking to thinks, that programmers should work for free, because salary ~400 euro monthly (when Your appartment costs ~370 euro) You can’t even call money…

What else? On few interviews I’ve heard that I’m too good for that job. Now I’m trying with some management (connected with scrum), but I don’t know if it is a good way for me. We’ll see.

And how my self development is going? Wrong. I didn’t have time for drupal or symfony… Maybe this week I’ll be able to finish just basics from manual.


day 3 – let self developing begins!

Self development is very important if You want to get better job. Also in IT without learning new things after few months You can be really outdated. Because learning a lot of stuff at one time is not the best solution I’ve made a simple plan. First of all I’ll start with Drupal.

It’s quite funny, because for the last 5 years I didn’t wanted to learn that CMS. Why? I always thought, that DIY rule is very good for programmers. Believe me – it’s not.

One of the worst things You can do while being a freelancer – programmer is trying to make everything by Yourself. It means that You won’t have much time for really important things. I’m not even talking about family or friends, but while You’re working on some project – for example some simple company site with news section, ‘about us’, newsletter, rss, facebook etc., making CMS just for that company is ridiculous!

But what about my development plan. First of all I have to wait with working on my personal project (it’s a simple game based on CodeIgniter). Instead of I’ll start with Drupal. Plan for it looks like that:

  • installation, resolving some basic problems, translation, installing some existing template etc. Just the basic stuff – done
  • creating a template just for Drupal – I’ll use one of my previous templates, made for other project.
  • creating some simple plugins.
  • making a whole site with a lot of stuff in it.

That’s a plan for next two weeks. What’s next? Next is Symfony 2. I started with it, but I’ll need extra week to learn how to work with it. After learning the basics (1-2 days) I’ll start with some simple project with Symfony 2 and postgresql.

As the last thing I want to work with Typo3. I haven’t even tried to install it, but as I’ve checked job offers, lots of companies is using it. We’ll see.

day 2 – first failure?

Maybe it can be called failure, I don’t know. One of the companies which I wanted to join emailed me with information, that the recrutation process has to be stopped due to some project changes. It’s not good. But I’m curious about my codility score (yes, that’s the company which asked me to do the test). Because of that I’ve asked them if they can show me how my test went. Of course, they didn’t even responsed me with negative answer. Did I mentioned that I don’t like hr guys?

In my opinion using only hr to find technical employees is a giant mistake for a company. Why is that? Because they don’t even know what is important for programmer! What should he know or what skills should he have. They look on Your resume, look at Your picture and.. and they want to recruit most of guys, who shouldn’t even be thinking about programming. I don’t know what is with very good programmers, but as I remember I can’t tell that any of guys which I was interviewing could be called even ‘junior webdeveloper’. But all of them had something weird in their resume – foreign studies, some certificates of which I haven’t heard or information, that they are preparing (SIC!) for ZCE. What means ‘preparing’? I’m also preparing to rule the world… but does that mean, that I am doing it? No.

Ok, leave those guys, it’s not their fault, that our recruitment system is not the best solution.

There’s also something good. One of the biggest social portals in my country answered my question about the job. They’ve send me some kind of task. I have to write an application, which will give them… Ok, I can’t tell more now. But as I see it’s nearly simmilar to Google’s codejam. I think it’s a better solution for finding new programmers.

day 1 – someone called me!

Great, after sending my resume and calling to some companies few of them proposed me a job interview! Nothing big, but there are few good things about them:

  • all of them are based in the city where I live,
  • few of them wants to talk with me,
  • one of them tested me already through codility.

What are the bad things? It’s the same as it was half a year ago – only HR people contacted me. I haven’t spoken yet with w programmer, so I’m not able to tell what are their technical requirements (sorry, but HR guys don’t even know the difference between PHP and HTML).

On monday I’ll have two interviews and after that I’ll write here how it was. One of the companies to which I’m going is quite big – hope they’ll agree with my salary proposition (I wanted to keep it as it was. Having smaller amount won’t allow me to stay in our appartment).

Oh, I’ve mentioned aboutCodility. Just an hour ago I’ve finished three tasks in it. What do I think about it?

Good things about codility:

  • it’s a fast and quite objectively,
  • it gives good description of problems to solve,
  • You can test all the code You’ve made.

Bad things:

  • problems to solve are not so difficult. They show how You think and if You know anything about program scaling,
  • they don’t give You answer about Your score (hope the company for which I was doing the test will give me my score),
  • there is too much time to do that. But on the other hand… sometimes You can have worse computer, right?

After finishing those tests I think that there should be something more. They don’t show Your knowledge about important programming things. For example – how on earth someone can tell if I know anything about design patterns from my ‘array counting’ scripts?

Nevermind – I’ll see what my score will be.

And what should I do today?

I’ll keep learning about Symfony 2 and maybe something about Drupal / Typo3.

echo ‘hello world!’;

Hello everyone!

For what is that blog made? I wanted to achieve two goals:

  1. Show You that it’s not so easy to find a job in here.
  2. Maybe find a job through this place.

Ok, at first let me tell You my story.

From nearly 5 years I was working as a freelancer. You know – living from one job to another, sometimes being paid (yeah, there’s a lot of guys who thinks, that for some smaller cash You won’t go to court – they are right but… I’m a programmer and I’ve made some plugins for their big script. You know what that means?). Nearly 8 months ago I’ve made my mind and tried to find a normal job. I’m still studying on university so I don’t have much time for myself.

Ok, but let’s get back to my story. 8 months ago finding a job as a programmer was not easy. After lot’s of interviews with programming companies and smaller agencies I get a call. One of companies I’ve send my resume wants to work with me! Great! But where’s the catch? It’s based ~300km from the city where my university is…. But ok, they told me they’ll help me with finding a flat, also salary was quite good (~1500 euro). I didn’t have a choice. Not going here meant, that I’ll have to quit my studies – it’s not IT or even math-connected, but it’s about something what is really interesting me.

Past few months was hard, but also very good. I’ve met a lot of good programmers from which I could learn lots of things. Thanks to those guys in less than 4 months I’ve learned more than for past 2 years. As I know also customer for which I was working (big, international financial-connected company) was happy about it.

And now.. now the company for which I’m working told me, that they won’t pay me anymore. Why? They can’t find another customer (big company, big city… no one needs PHP programmers?). So for now I’m still working for them, I have to come to work, but I won’t get any salary for that. Sweet.

And here my story begins. Now I have to find another (I hope better paid) job. Where I am looking for it? Everywhere. I don’t mind going to another city or working through home. I was a freelancer and that’s not a problem – we can talk through skype and once a week/month I can go to employers office. I also don’t mind time differences – working at night? Ok, I’ll sleep on morning.

This blog will show You how I’m looking for a job and what will be the result of it.